Kuura - Beige melange

Kuura - Beige melange

Nordic blue-collection

Style Kuura

Color: Beige melange. Backside dark grey feltwith a zipper.
Size: 46cm x 46cm

Nordic Blue-collection

Nordic Blue Collection is inspired by Nordic lakes, with their distinct shade of blue. This collection is hand made of 100% wool felt by local artisans. Easy to combine cushions that and brings easiness and authenticity of Nordic nature to our lovely homes and spaces.

100% wool felt

 Apart from beautiful handicrafts, felt is also knownas a strong and multi-functional material used for yurts of the nomads and aspractical winter boots of forest workers. Bonden cushion collection has beenproduced with local artisans with long traditions in felt manufacturing and itis designed by Designer and Trend Analyst Kati Hienonen.

100% wool felt is a beautiful interior material, whichhas lot of practical advantages; as it is warm when it is cold, cool when it’swarm.  As an acoustic and fire safematerial wool felt softens the noise and blocks the voices of echo. 100 % woolfelt is also used for its health improving qualities as it helps to liven upthe circulatory system.

Bonden cushion covers are fitted for standards sizeinner pillows (60x40 cm ja 40x40 cm). Inner pillows used are made of recycled(98%) PET bottles. The made wadding is allergic free.