Design philosophy / Story


Bondenlivingcollection is created by Designer and Trend Analyst Kati Hienonen, MA who hasbeen involved with design, product development and future studies in Finlandand Hong Kong. Kati’shome product philosophy has been presented in many internationalmagazines suchas Elle Decoration Country-,Sköna hem-, Deko-, Gloria Home and Living at home Ideenbuch- magazines.


Quiet luxury of North

For us, Nordic people, quiet luxury of north means togetherness with the nature, a feeling of relaxation, which sensitizes and inspires us. We have a heritage of nomadic lifestyle where multi-usability, natural aesthetics and practicality were essential properties to make the living possible in harsh conditions. With limited resources it was vital to create everything in a respect of nature.

Nature is perfect in its imperfectness

The special characteristic of every Bonden product is its texture, mimicking the organic and imperfect nature. If nature would be perfect it would not perhaps be as beautiful. The mosses, roots, and rocks of the forest activate our senses and help us wind down, in a way similar to the core idea of Bonden is to bring home such imperfectness and harmony through textiles.

These same properties, with the easiness and longevity of style and natural organity of textures we would like to bring to each Bonden product. An important role of the design process is the utilization of special characteristics of natural raw material used, such as breathability and dirt/water repellent features.

Bonden name comes from Bonden Paavo (Farmer Paavo of Saarijärvi) Finnish legend, a determined peasant farmer who survived the years of bad harvest by doubling the leftover flour with bark of pinewood every year for three years to make the flour last longer and stave off starvation. In Bondenliving products natural materials are used in new and creative ways - as Bonden Paavo did- in the spirit of Nordic design.