Wool with Nordic sense of wellness

Bonden Finnish lambwool textiles cover the needs of non-toxic textiles for every season of the year. With non-treated Finnish lambwool we combine other natural materials that are functional by nature to bring out the special characteristics of these natural raw materials such as breathability and dirt/water repellent features. With it, we use only other nature-based materials with the minimal ecological impact such as natural, undyed European linen, organic, GOTS certificated cotton  (Global organic textile standard yarns).

100% Finnish lamb wool

The wellbeing of Finnish animals is secured through legislation and is monitored continuously. Finnsheep is genetically closer to the wild sheep than most of the domestic European sheep breeds. Sheep breading is naturally very ecological and provides the animal with an opportunity for circumstances and life typical for the species in nature. When using 100% combed Finnish lamb wool, our production can be tracked down all the way from the farmhouse to the finished product. Finnish lamb wool is also an example of using recourses wiser: approximately 80% of Finnish Lamb wool is thrown away as a waste

The wool is obtained from Finnsheep breed is known for its quality. By combining the knowledge of local spinners, weavers and designers we renewed this traditional material into fine and versatile combed wool, which has many attractive attributes:

  • As being non-treated material it is has very delicate and natural hand feel and beautiful natural shades from white to greyish black and brown
  • The Finnish lambwool yarn we use has 3% of lanoline left in it, which makes it extra soft and gentle to the skin (by default the wool industry chemically extracts lanoline from the wool and sells it forward for the cosmetic industry)
  • Finnish lamb wool is used almost year around in the variable climate conditions of the North, so it has water repellent properties too.

Organic wool

The warp of knitting loom we use is GOTS certificated (Global organic Textile standard) wool from Europe.

Organic cotton

The warp of knitting loom we use is organic cotton which has GOTS-certificate (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Natural linen

Linen we use is undyed European natural linen.

100% wool, handmade felt

Wool used for hand made felt is from Finland. Finnish lambs wool has a neutral colour scale from white to greyish black. The material being  used is undyed in its natural colours. The material is organic. In the manual wet felting process the wool fibres are fastened together by hand with hooked needles, water, abrasion and pressure. The material has a warm and soft hand feel as well as handprint of the artisan. Each product made by this method is unique.

100% wool, felt

The wool used for our felt product is carefully selected merino wool (mulesing-free) from Spain, Portugal and South Africa. In the wet felting process, the pre-felt is manually compressed with water, abrasion and pressure. The material has a warm and soft hand feel. Each product made by this method is unique.

Inner pillows

Inner pillows used in cushions are made of recycled (98%) PET bottles. The made wadding is allergic free.

Packing materials

We try to minimize packing waste by not using plastic at all in our packing. Bonden products are packed in user-friendly bags made of Finnish renewable wood fibre.