Jammit cushion, natural dyed

Jammit cushion, natural dyed


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Finnish lamb wool collection

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A cuddly, breathable and soft cushion is made to bring extra warmth into your sofa or bed.

In the North during different seasons the amount of daylight changes from darkness of winter to vivid summer light. This has been the idea of grading texture of this super soft fabric. Our plant dyed colors are inspired by the Nordic wild plants, birch yellow (latin: Betula), pine green(latin: Pinus), woad -indigo blue (latin: Isatis tinctoria), willow -soft muted pink (latin: Salix)  and crowberry -deep purple (latin: Empetrumnigrum).

Each Bonden cushion cover includes an inner pillow (60x40 cm or 40x40 cm) which is made of recycled (98%) PET bottles. The wadding is allergic free.

Smooth jumbo waffle texture

Size: 60x40 cm

Material: 55 % Finnish lamb wool, 45% organic wool (GOTS), zipper in the back

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