Retreat of mind at home -invite calm into your home

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Retreat of mind at home -invite calm into your home

When we started to build our vacation home, a key issue was sustainability. How to make an energy efficient, healthy and timeless wooden house that could be habited by our family year around? Geothermal heating to keep suitable warmth indoors and solar panelling to heat the water were options to make the living more comfortable.


We wanted to find silence and architecture that empowers our relationship towards nature. We were thinking of how to activate unconsciously our senses through the materials we used.  For example, the floor built from wide brushed spruce blanks feels wonderful under bare feet. Wide windows from floor to roof offer a beautiful view to the forest and nearby lake.  We didn't want to over decorate the interior.  We managed to get some old and timeless furniture from our relatives. The only new furniture we had to buy was the beds, tailor-made kitchen table and small side tables for sleeping rooms.


Building an ecological home made me think about my relationship towards sustainable living in a totally new way. Several questions arose:  What are the utmost objects we really need in order to live without putting aesthetic aspect on the side? How to live more connected and with appreciation towards nature.  Step by step I have started to think about vacation home more as a retreat: how to find prosperous moments in simple things. The more I stayted there the more I observerved nearby nature. Gradually I have understood concrete that healthy nature is not important for our wellbeing but for the whole existence of our ecosystem.


In this hectic life I believe that we have to understand that the objects around us become soon old and unused.  We need objects that are more like essentials, which stands the test of time. Bonden is a combination of slow and simple. In my opinion these are the key elements of ascetic beauty –reminding us, that we should do everything at the right speed and pacing instead of rushing.


Tips for making your home more sensible


1.     Decorate with an approach that maximizes the joy and easiness of everyday living

2.     Find the harmony of old furniture with authenticity and imperfection

3.     Bring outdoors inside through natural materials

4.     Order is the atmost priority when you are looking to furnish for a relaxing  home

5.     Unplug regularly, get the chance to sit down and enjoy what’s around you

Read on photographer Krista Keltanen's blog more about our ecological summer house project


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