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Finnish lamb wool

Towards the greater wellness
Finnish lamb wool hometextile collection combines sustainable design, local craftmanship and nature based Nordic materials in contemporary way. With the collection we would like to make people aware of our holistic approach towards the textiles: we believe that natural- and non-treated materials are not only eclological but they contribute towards the greater wellness of the consumer. In the collection we use only the most natural, non-toxic and purest materials, such as wool from the Finnish sheep as our main material to combine it with natural, non-dyed linen or GOTS-certificated (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic wool or cotton.

By the materials and the textures used in the collection, we connect our senses to the Finnish lamb wool: from the rough cliffs of the archipelago to the smooth texture of moss growing in the Finnish woodlands

Finnish lamb wool
By the Finnish lamb wool collection we  want to promote a hidden treasure, Finnish lamb wool, which we have been able to revitalize to a fine and multiusable material in co-operation with local spinners, weavers and dyers. It has a nice colour scale from white to black and from beige to brown. By using Finnish lamb wool we also use our resources wiser, since approximately 80% of it is thrown away as a waste. Besides, Finnish lamb wool is gentle to your skin. The yarn we use has still approximately 3% lanoline left, which is normally taken out in wool industry and sold to the use of cosmetic industry.

Plant dyeing
Finnish lamb wool creates a  beautiful and deep base for natural dyeing done by love and care of local artisans. The natural dye colours we use for dyeing are non toxic and GOTS-certificted.

Betula colour -inspired by the Nordic Birch leave shades
Betula colour is inspired by a Nordic wild plant, birch (latin: betula) the leaves of which provide a number of vivid tones of green and yellow.

Pinus colour -inspired by the tones of Pine needles
Pinus colour theme is inspired by a Nordic Wild plant pine, (latin: pinus) the needles of which provides tones of green and light yellow.

Woad colour -inspired by the indigo tones extracted of Woad
Woad colour theme is inspired by woad (latin: isatis tinctoria), which is harvested in Northern Finland. The leaves provides of woad provides tones of indigo blue.

Willow colour -inspired by the soft red tones of Willow
Willow colour theme is inspired by willow (latin:salix) , which is videly spread all over in the North. Willow bark provides  beautiful tones of soft, brownish red.

We also reduce textile loss in our production. In Finnish lamb wool collection we use the cutted spare felt which we hand weave to wool rugs with a beautiful texture.  At this moment we make the rugs for custom orders only.

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